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Art that is "100% READY FOR PRODUCTION" means that an art staff member will be required to do no more than open a digital file and hit the print button, or scan a piece of camera-ready art directly to the film printer. IF ANY FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED, THEN ART PRE-PRODUCTION CHARGES WILL BE CHARGED, depending on how complex the logo is.

Standard turn-around time for screen printing orders is 2 weeks; if a shorter time period is required, depending on time frame, a rush charge of 20% will be added to order.

DIGITAL FILES: Digital art files include those designs created and saved from a professional graphics program or those designs exported from a graphics program at HIGH RESOLUTION (minimum 300 DPI or greater).

Our file format of choice is a generic eps file that can be opened and resized at any size and resolution we require. Acceptable exported files include eps, A.I, cdr, gif, jpeg, or bmp, SO LONG AS THESE EXPORTED FILES ARE PROVIDED AT THE FULL SIZE OF THE INTENDED REPRODUCTION AT HIGH RESOLUTION (a minimum 300 dpi). Any and all fonts must be included with the exported file, or all fonts must be converted to curves prior to export.

TO BE CONSIDERED "100% READY FOR PRODUCTION" AND AVOID PRE-PRODUCTION CHARGES, ALL FILES MUST MEET THE REQUIREMENTS LISTED ABOVE AND BE FULLY SPOT-COLOR SEPARATED! If a provided file requires color separation by Creative Sportswear before it is output to film, then the time that it takes our graphics person to create these spot color separations will be billed to the customer.

CAMERA-READY ART: Artwork presented as camera-ready must be crisp, clean black and white line art. Camera-ready art may not have any colors or halftones. Camera-ready art must be output at a minimum of 300 dpi, with 600 dpi suggested; any art presented at a lower resolution than 300 dpi runs the risk of being jagged and reproducing poorly. We are not responsible for any print flaws generated from art presented at a resolution less than 300 dpi.

FILM POSITIVES: If the customer is highly knowledgeable about the screen printing process, then that customer can provide film positives to Creative Sportswear. All film positives should be provided at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at actual print size, and already spot color separated using butt-registration. There are many variables involved for different types of products and production formats; detailed discussions with the art department prior to providing films are welcomed.


Creative Sportswear has the best in professional artwork and design services available from the art staff at Creative! Using our professionals to help you create your logo from scratch provides not only a high level of aesthetics, but also ensures that the designs will translate perfectly into screen printed works.

All time spent on a design project will be tracked and billed to the customer.

Feel free to discuss ideas, time estimates and fees prior to submitting your order to us, so that both parties clearly understand the expectations and all of the potential applications for the design prior to development.

Remember that our staff artists are eager to work with you to produce designs and formats that you can be proud of!

Questions? Please contact one of our sales representatives with any questions you have about art, design or pre-production. If your salesperson cannot answer your question directly, he or she will consult with the art department to obtain an answer for you. Since some technical questions are better handled directly, an art department staff member may contact you in response.